Profit Masters Academy - Scam Or Legit?

Profit Masters Academy seems to be run by the same person who has run many other sites that I've warned about. It features many of the same problems as the others sites, including:

  • Use of non-disclosed stock-photos for testimonials.
  • Use of a faked Plimus order page (Plimus is a 3rd party payment system).
  • Use of security seals that have NOTHING to do with Profit Masters Academy

I have just finished a complete analysis of the Profit Masters Academy Scam.

Click here to see many of the problems with Profit Masters Academy - and learn how you can avoid getting taken for thousands of dollars.

In addition to reading my warning about Profit Masters Academy, I suggest you check out the following warnings I put out about related programs:

  • Home Profit Masters - Testimonials used on Home Profit Masters are exactly the same or similar to ones associated with a site shut down by the FTC in 2009 - link to proof.
  • Income Masters Institute - warning is here - you'll also see a shill for the company get busted in the comments section.
  • Online Profit Masters - - Online Profit Masters scam

Similar scams to watch out for:

Are you starting to wonder why this company keeps changing the names of their sites - with the latest one being Profit Masters Academy? Well, wonder no more.

Once they generate enough complaints, they switch to a new name to make it harder to find the complaints in Google or on complaints sites.

The FTC has filed a complaint against the companies behind these sites:

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