Profit Masters Academy FAQs1

These are the most common questions asked about Profit Masters Academy and prior versions of Profit Masters Academy (Online Profit Masters, Income Masters Institute, and Home Profit Masters). If you want to truly understand why you need to AVOID this program, you may want to read the warnings and comments at one or more of the following links:
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LINK 2 Online Profit Masters Review Of Red Flags
LINK 3 Online Profit Masters Scam
LINK 4 Does Online Profit Masters Really Work?
LINK 5 Home Profit Masters Scam Analysis
LINK 6 Home Profit Masters Scam Strikes Forever
LINK 7 Income Masters Institute Scam

The following are the most common questions about Profit Masters Academy and the previous versions of the scam.
Question 1: Does Profit Masters Academy really work?
Answer 1: No, not in the way it claims it does. If you want to see the truth about "posting links" I recommend you read this make money posting links on Google scam article.

Question 2: How does Profit Masters Academy work? Question
Answer 2: The important question to ask is actually, "How is Profit Masters Academy taking as much money as possible from people"? If you read the comments from a many named Clark from LINK 1 above, you'll see exactly what I mean.

Question 3: Do You Know Of Any Profit Masters Academy Complaints?
Answer 3: Yes, most of the complaints, comments, and feedback so far center around:

  • False Advertising
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Endless & expensive upsells for additional products and services.

Question 4: Does Angela Bussio endorse Profit Masters Academy
Answer 4: As far as I can tell she does, although I have no definitive proof of that. However, the sites continue to use her as an endorsement and if she didn't endorse those sites I would assume she would have sent cease & desist notices.

Question 5: Was there an Online Profit Masters MSNBC story?
Answer 5: No.

Question 6: Was there a Fox News Online Profit Masters story?
Answer 6: No.

Question 7 Are there complaints on the Online Profit Masters BBB report?
Answer 7 The Better Business Bureau is only showing 2 complaints. However, that is because people typically search GOOGLE before searching the BBB site. So, people are posting their complaints on those sites. Here is the Online Profit Masters BBB link.

Question 8 Do you have a link to Profit Masters Academy Snopes information?
Answer 8 Snopes doesn't have information on this scam at this point, however, they do have information on a related one here.

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