Katie Smith Profit Masters Academy Q&A

Question 1 I saw in Katie Smith's Profit Masters Academy story that she claims to have partnered with Angela Bussio?
Answer 1 No. In fact, Katie Smith from ProfitMastersAcademy isn't even a real person.

You might also want to read my recent Profit Masters Academy warning.

Question 2 How does the Katie Smith work at home Profit Masters Academy course work?
** Question 2** The whole goal of Katie Smith's Profit Master Academy site is to take as much of your money from you as possible - in fact many people have been sucked out of thousands of dollars which is nearly impossible to get back.

Question 3 Is the stayathomeincomemom.com's Profit Masters Academy story real?
Answer 3 The entire site is a scam and fake and is part of the Profit Masters Academy scam to make Profit Masters Academy appear legit.

Question 4 Is Profit Masters Academy Work From Home Link Posting Opportunity Rea?
Answer 4 The Truth about Profit Masters Academy is that it wants you to believe that all you have to do to make money is post links. They also want you to believe that "the more links you post the more money you'll make". The truth is that link-posting scams have been hitting the Internet hard since 2008.

Question 5 How come there are still programs such as the Theresa Andrews Cash System pervading the Internet?
Answer 5 There is not enough law enforcement personnel to police the vast amount of scams flooding the Internet.

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