Profit Masters Academy Complaints

These Profit Masters Academy Complaints are taken primarily from comments on my original Profit Masters Academy Review Of Red Flags

False Claims Being Made

Profit Masters Academy isn’t offering anybody a job.
Fake claim about only 1 opening being left.
Fake claim about price going up.
False claim of "free coaching" which is just a way to get you talk to a high-pressure sales person who will try to sell you thousands of dollars of unnecessary training.
You only have 5 minutes to join.

You may also want to check out the previous versions Profit Masters Academy to see the following:
At Online Profit Masters Review Of Red Flags you will see shills posting fake information about the company including the following:
Gene - Doesn't return after I call him out.
Charles - Doesn't return after I call him out.

At Home Profit Masters Scam Strikes Forever:
You'll see the overwhelming amount of spam you'll almost certainly receive from Profit Masters Academy - note, you will likely end up on all kinds of email lists that you didn't sign up for.

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