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You might have seen many Profit Masters Academy reviews and have wondered why so many of the Profit Masters Academy Katie Smith reviews are so positive. You might have also seen fake "news sites" promoting this product. I've provided my own reviews of red flags (warnings) about the program at the link below. I've also posted the most common question about review sites on this page.

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LINK 1 Profit Masters Academy Review Of Red Flags

Question 1: If this Katie Smith site is truly a scam and not legit, then please explain why I've found Profit Masters Academy review sites saying that it's legitimate and such a terrific product?
Answer 1: Those sites that you've found are paid to promote the system. While there are legitimate affiliates who will give you honest opinions about programs, the ones for Profit Masters Academy are only interested in scamming you out of your money - and most of them also are not clearly disclosing their material connection with Profit Masters Academy.

Question 2: How can I get accurate information in order to do my own reviews of sites like Profit Masters Academy?.
Answer 2: There's no perfect answer to that question, but I have posted several things you can watch out for at this home business scams red flag priority check list. You can also check similar information at the FTC's called Starting An Internet Business - Dream Job Or Pipe Dream

You can also use forum search engines such as:

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